The Rod Shop (TV)

RodshoplogoThe Rod Shop is a locally produced motoring show with a twist, focusing on the culture of all aspects of Hot Rodding in South Africa.

Presented by Joe van Zyl, editor of the popular SA HotRods Magazine, The Rod Shop is not your ordinary car show or an imitation of anything you’ve seen before. This is more than rebuilding cars; this is about living cars.

During Season 1, Joe van Zyl takes viewers inside the world of Rodding, from Traditional Hot Rods to high-end Street Rods and explains what it all means (to petrol heads and the uninitiated alike).

Each week, Joe introduces viewers to the people who’s labours of love transform old vehicles into classic works of retro art with modern power hiding under the hood. Along the way, he offers valuable hints and tips; decodes the slang and lingo; gives an insight into the history of Rodding in South Africa; and delves into various lifestyle aspects associated with these cars –  like tattooing and 1950’s collectibles.

Joe van Zyl – who grew up with Hot Rods, spending his teenage years tinkering on cars and hanging out at motor shows instead of playing sport – says the aim of The Rod Shop is to create something different from the US car shows we are used to seeing. “We want to inspire others to build Hot Rods and get them to understand why we do it”.

Playlist for Season 2

Playlist for Season 1


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