MC Nab’s Guide to Buying Second-Hand Engines

The engine is perhaps the most important part of a car. After all, a car without one is basically a large tin can that cannot go anywhere and that is why many car owners ensure that they take good care of this important piece of equipment by having it checked regularly and by not abusing its capacity. However, there may be times when an engine stops functioning – whether it

Rod Shop Season 1 now on YouTube

The public kept asking so we delivered. Season one of the Rod Shop Now available to download on YouTube. The Rod Shop is a locally produced motoring show with a twist, focusing on the culture of all aspects of Hot Rodding in South Africa. Presented by Joe van Zyl, editor of the popular SA HotRods Magazine, The Rod Shop is not your ordinary car show or an imitation of anything you’ve seen

SA HotRods and The Rod Shop goes to Speedweek

You always remember the first. We decided to upload the full story of the first ever Speedweek event. We will be loading other parts of The Rod Shop as well. so stay posted.

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