All American Muscle

US CAR IMPORTS AAM will perform a right-hand drive conversion on any post 1965 vehicle in order to get the car registered in SA. We handle the entire import process from A-Z, including acquiring the rele- vant permits/LOA/importers codes etc all on our clients behalf. The importation of a vehicle normally takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks. OCEAN FREIGHT PARTS We now offer our clients our services with regards

New Team at The V8 Shoppe

The V8 Shoppe is made up of 2 equally passionate partners, Swanie and Julian. In fact, it was out of this muscle car mad friendship that the V8 Shoppe was born back in 2002. Zelna joined the team and has told many a guy what to do with their V8’s. Saying that, she says it very politely. Rudi, who is no stranger to the V8 industry, joined in 2014. He

Loyalty Program for Classis Car Parts

LOYALTY PROGRAMMES Save 7.5%* on all tools, consumables, parts & accessories found on our online store for the next 12 months with our Silver Loyalty Programme or 12.5% for 18 months with our Gold Loy- alty Programme and 15% on our PlatinumLoyalty Programme for 24 months. SILVER LOYALTY PROGRAMME SIGNING UP: TheSilverLoyaltyProgrammeisavailableto Jayce’s Classic Spares Retail customers only, no Trade or Wholesale customers. To qualify for the Silver Loyalty Pro-

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